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Covid 19 and safety regulations in the salon

lasted updated summer 2021


Thank you so much for your support and patience, we have been open a few months and have made some big changes in the salon to look after our client and staff safety

A few changes that will temporarily be in place to ensure maximum hygiene and safety to customers and staff:

  • In the summer we asked you to wait outside and a staff member would come and get you, however as the weather changes, please do come in and take a seat at reception. The salon should be quiet as we have staggered all customer appointments and only now have 2 therapists on majority of the time to adhere fully to social distancing. 

  • We will check your temperature at the door

  • All customers are required to fill in a Covid realise form, these are sent via email before your appointment, normally 24 hours if treatments are booked in advance.  This can also done in the salon if needed if you don't receive one or one doesn't come through. 

  • Please if you have any Covid symptoms or have been to a country that requires you to isolate then please reschedule your salon bookings. 

  • Any forms and consultation documents will be done online instead of on paper and all aftercare forms will be sent in advance of treatments for your to read and sign

  • Customers are asked not to arrive too early, if you need to please wait in your car and please do not be late as we have set allocated times

  • If you can please arrive alone to your booking

  • Small cleaning gaps between each customer

  • When you come into the salon, please bring in minimal personal belongings with you if possible, anything you can leave in the car like bags and coats, please do.

  • Take a seat and wait for your therapist, once we come and get you for your treatment, we will ask you to place all belongings into a basket then when your hands are free, you will be asked to wash your hands before we begin treatment 

  • All staff will be wearing the appropriate PPE and temperature checked daily. 

  • It’s a salon requirement that all customers wear face coverings, if you need to purchase ones, we have 2 types available in the salon to purchase. If for medical reasons you can not wear a mask you will be required to wear a visor instead of a facial covering only if the treatment allows.

  • Temporarily suspending any magazines and hot beverages. We will be able to off water in a plastic cup if required.

  • PLEASE leave your mobile phones in your bags, we are trying to minimise the risk of any contamination

Please be assured we have gone above and beyond to make the salon a safe environment. Some extra changes we have also made was:

custom made PVC coverings for our manicure chairs for easy cleaning, Perspex shields up on the nail desks and reception, Plastic bed couch protectors for easy cleaning and sanitation, all the correct equipment for cleaning our salon and tools, we have the WHO ( world health organisation) formula for the recommend hand sanitiser in our salons on all stations and also on the salon wall as you enter and leave the salon. We have minimalised all salon and shop floor treatment areas for easy cleaning as well as invested in a fogger spray disinfectant specialist machine to deep clean at the end of each day as well as our regular cleaning between each clients.

Please note we have had a increase to treatments from May18th 2021

We also have lots of new treatments and nail add on luxuries which are now available to book.

You can view all our treatments and prices on our website.

Thank you so much everyone for support a small independent business Our goal is to always offer the best quality products and services to our customers.

We are so grateful to everyone who continues to support us, it means everything to us!

Thank you

Forever Gorgeous Beauty Team

Charlotte, Amanda, Jodie and Laura 

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