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Eyelash Extensions

Thank you for checking out our lash page, 


How exciting your deciding what LASH EXTENSIONS to book in for. 

Just know your in very safe hands, we only use the best in the industry and the salon director is a regional lash educator for Nouveau Lashes and the salon team is trained to perfection. 

We offer a full range of lash extensions including 

* Classic individuals 

* Express Cluster Party Lashes 

* SVS Lash Extensions 

* Russian Volume Lash Extensions 

*Mega Volume Lash Extensions 

All our lash extensions are cruelty and vegan free and we use the award winning Nouveau Lash brand. All our therapists are highly trained senior lash technicians with years of lash experience. 

Please scroll down and look at the different styles listen above and the types of lash etensions we offer in greater detail and if you have any questions please just give us a call or drop us an email or instagram message. Dont forget to check out out 'Celeberity Clients' page and see who else we have been lashing 

Lash Extension Options :

NOUVEAU Individual Eyelash Extensions £65

All of Nouveau lashes lash extensions are made of the very highest blend of synthetic materials to create an extension that is silky, soft, glossy, perfectly shaped and curved like a natural lash. 

The individual lashes can last months with the correct aftercare and regular infill’s on a fortnightly basis. Appointment takes approx. 1.30 mins - 1.40mins for your first set 

  £60 Nouveau individual lash extensions 

Infills are :

2 weeks: £36

3 weeks: £40

( we do not infill other salons work - No infills after 5 weeks due to lash growth, quality and time )

If you come back for an infill with less then 40% coverage you will be charged for a new set. 

Removal of old lashes by us and a brand new set is £65 ( no added charge for removal of old lashes but please let your therapist know so they can increase your appointment time) 

Classic lash pictures below:


SVS NOUVEAU Lash Extensions £80

For that in between look of Individual lash extensions and Russian Volume. 

Perfect for brides or anyone wanting to add extra volume.

Natural , fluffy, soft volume and quick lashes.

1.15 hour initial appointment  (Infills: 2 weeks £36 / 3 weeks £40) 

RUSSIAN VOLUME Nouveau Lash Extensions £89

For clients wanted extra volume and thickness. 

appointment approx. up to 2 hours

2 weeks: £38

3 weeks: £42

( we do not infill other salons work - No infills after 5 weeks due to lash growth, quality and time ) 

deposit required for all lash extensions 

If you come back for an infill with less then 40% coverage you will be charged for a new set. 

Animal cruelty free and vegan free. A guilt free reason to indulge


For more information...please call or email the salon. 01908 322 126 to make your appointment.

You can also check out our Instagram page for daily pictures and updates and contact us directly on there. 

For your Salon appointment


  • Please come to your lash appointment with no mascara on and no contact lenses.

  • deposits required for booking online 

     Eyelash Extensions Aftercare


  • Do not use any form of oily make up remover or products anywhere near the lashes

  • Do not use any waterproof or any mascara on the lashes. It is not needed and will clump the lashes together

  • Use your complimentary brush to separate your lashes or adjust any twisted or outgrown lashes to maintain the lash appearance.

  • Do NOT tug, perm, tint, rub, pick, pull, and steam the eyelash extensions.

  • Be careful when swimming around chlorine as to not rub the eyes and when in the gym

  • After the first 24-48 hours, no heat related treatments, ie) sunbed / sunbathing / steam

  • where possible use sealant on your lashes twice a week to extend the lash life of your lashes (ideal for people who don’t give local to the salon/ going on holiday/ where infill’s cannot be booked within 2 weeks)

  • Infill’s should be booked 2-3weeks constantly for 2 months after original lash application


If an allergic reaction is suspected, redness or puffiness, then please speak to your therapist and seek immediate medical advice from your doctor.


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